Professional development services for Magento online stores

NWhale is a full-service Magento development agency with the philosophy of delivering the best solution to a client. Our aim is to make eCommerce world a perfect place both for customers and merchants. We want you to be happy with the experience of online sales and we want customers to be happy with the purchases they make. We do our best to find the optimum balance between eCommerce needs and technical opportunities of one of the greatest platform ever. We believe that our Magento development services will help you to achieve the ultimate success.

Why NWhale?

We are responsible

Have you heard all these jokes about deadlines? It isn’t about us. We always plan our time and give promises that we can keep. NWhale team has enough time to provide not a solution but a great solution due to the well-organized management process. Deadline isn’t stressing for us, it is the celebration of a perfectly finished project.

We are professional

NWhale team consists of experienced developers who are passionate about coding. Perfect code isn’t a client’s requirement for them, it is a necessity that they cannot live without. NWhale developers have deep understanding of the way Magneto system work and they know how to implement new options properly.

We are friendly

Work is an essential part of our lives. We communicate a lot at work and we know that friendly attitude is a must-have. Feel free to ask us anything about Magento, eCommerce, hosting and others aspects of online sales. We are opened and ready to help with any problem you can face with. Most of the clients become our friends and we hope that you’ll be one of them!